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The Financial Edge with Dr. Lance

Dr. Lance is on the air! Our weekly one hour segment will air on Monday's at 11:00 AM CT on Catfish 100.1 and Facebook live at Lance Hocutt Financial Group.  

Are your ready to take charge of your financial future?  Introducing The Financial Edge with Dr. Lance live Monday’s at 11:00 AM from the Lance Hocutt  Financial Group on Catfish 100.1 and on-line at Catfishtuscaloosa.com. 

With over 27 years as a seasoned financial advisor we will dive deep into the world of personal finance from retirement plans to savvy investing strategies…

Each week I will be joined by local experts from attorney’s, to accountants to business owners. We will help you navigate the complex world of personal finance.

And we will take your calls and questions each Monday at 11:00 AM on The Financial Edge, with me, Dr. Lance Hocutt.

Like us on the Lance Hocutt Financial Group on Facebook and turn on notifications so you never miss a video!

Don't miss out. Talk to you then

As we work together, our goal is to help increase your confidence as you make impactful decisions and work towards financial freedom. By learning about who you are and not necessarily focusing on your assets, we’ll act as your guide, friend and professional partner today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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