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Here Are 3 Ways Spending Less Time on the Screen Could Save You Money Thumbnail

Here Are 3 Ways Spending Less Time on the Screen Could Save You Money

If we weren’t already extremely reliant on our smartphones before the COVID-19 pandemic, our attachment to the screen has been bolstered. Now, we work, communicate, play, shop, organize our lives, and do so much more on our devices. While they provide endless entertainment (and also distraction), they can potentially be harmful to our finances.

Here are 3 ways a digital detox can help you be more mindful about your money:

  1. The more you’re on your device, the more frequently you will be exposed to ads - By spending less time browsing, scrolling, or binging, you will be exposed to fewer ads, ultimately eliminating that impulse buy!
  2. No binge-watch is free, so watch what you watch! - How many streaming services do you have? How much do you spend on them each month? Reevaluating your streaming habits could help you cut down on non-essential expenses. That may mean downgrading to a different subscription, getting on a “family plan” and splitting it with your friends, or maybe check your local library to see if you can borrow audiobooks!
  3. Do you get those notifications each week that tell you how many hours a week you are spending with your eyes locked to your devices? - What if you turned that time into a side hustle? Or finishing a project? Or starting a project? Or going to sleep earlier instead of scrolling all night so you can get to work on time the next morning?

In addition, it is also a nice refresher to get back to the basics – and it will be beneficial to your eyes and your mind too! Try using a regular wristwatch instead of a smartwatch or investing in a real-life book (remember those?) instead of your tablet! 

Share with us on social media all the ways you are limiting your screen time!