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Fee Disclosure:

  • Vanguard 403(b) Services bundled fees including record-keeping and annual administration (DOL and IRS required annual compliance testing and filings) = $750 annual fee plus $90 per participant annual fee.  There are no asset based fees so the fees do not increase as the plan assets increase.  In order to arrive at these numbers you will need to add the $60 per year per participant explained on the first attachment to the $750 annual fee and additional $30 per year per participant on the second attachment.
  • Fees may be paid by the Employer or passed through to the participants and fully disclosed on participant statements. 
  • Dedicated call center for the 403(b) plan participants to assist with any questions regarding our website, as well as, a team dedicated to questions at the plan sponsor level. 
  • Open Architecture - Fund line up may also be comprised of other Vanguard and non Vanguard Funds which are available on our platform. 
  • We are waiving conversion set up and plan document design fees as part of this program.