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Tuscaloosa County Commission Proposal


457 Plan:

 Lance Hocutt and his team, at the Lance Hocutt Financial Group (LHFG), work with clients throughout the Southeast, applying values of hard work, respect and integrity to their financial questions and concerns. We’re dedicated to developing unique solutions that address your needs, while building a relationship that is meaningful and long-lasting. True to our roots, we believe in lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it, regardless of the situation.  As fiduciaries, we work in your best interest, meaning we have the independence to recommend financial solutions that best suit your needs, ensuring your objectives are at the center of our decisions.

The LHFG and our local team provides solutions that suit our client’s specific needs.  To that end, as part of the response to the Tuscaloosa County Commission’s (TCC) Request For Proposal for 457(b) plan services, we reached out to several of our vendors within the 457(b) space to find a fit for this request.  Those solutions included that of John Hancock, One America, and Empower. Each of these companies (individually), in addition to the service from the LHFG, can assist the TCC in providing financial planning, advice, and an investment platform to carry the plan into the future.

And finally, our focus on Financial Planning can assist the employees of the TCC in planning for their financial future in a thoughtful and purposeful way.  Specifically, this focus is created by the face to face relationship with our clients while engaging in Right Capital software.  The Right Capital software is a complementary tool provided by LHFG, that enables retirement planning in an interactive format.  When combined with our local relationship, financial planning becomes real and exciting!

This proposal consists of information from the LHFG as lead advisor as well as using one of three individual custodians (Empower, John Hancock, and One America) as the 457 plan provider to the TCC.  In other words, the LHFG will work seamlessly with one of these providers (if chosen) to provide all 457(b) plan services to the TCC

The overall proposal is provided in the following format:

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Request for Proposal with responses


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